have always been my passion and a big part of my life. As far as I can reach back with my memory, my family home has always been full of pets. I am very grateful for the opportunities that life has bestowed upon me so far, as I have been blessed with a chance to both master and interact with dogs, incorporating my passion into my everyday life.

My first Italian Greyhound came to me about a year ago. From the very first moment I laid my eyes on this Isabella colored cutie, my heart stopped. All of the sudden my life transformed dramatically; in an instant my IGGY became not only a loved family member but also a passion for both myself and my dear ones. Subsequently I tried to share almost every aspect of my life with my Sebastiano, we have crossed together many frontiers both physical as well as the non-tangible ones. Mutually, we traveled to many places across Europe, both for leisure as well as canine exhibitions. That is how we have met our second IGGY, Nero. At this point I learned yet another paramount quality of Italian Greyhounds, they are addictive, if you get one, others will soon follow, it is just a question of time, and no matter how hard one would resist, IGGIES will always find a way to a human heart through their sociable, funny, playful and loving characters. One could venture to say, they are cheaper by the dozen… And so, we gave home to 3 lovely IG boys: Sebastiano, Nero & Gino.

These creatures, unlike any other animal, one second can be a thriving, full of rivalry speed demons, and the next become cuddly and lovable beasts seeking human touch and attention.

My experiences with this breed have encouraged me to create these high quality gadgets, sleeping apparel and accessories for the canine nation. Today we offer them to all animal lovers worldwide. Use this rare opportunity to improve the life and comfort of your beloved pet. Let the grateful look in his or her eyes be the greatest reward for the kindness you have offered them.