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Collagen from the skin of ocean fish – a natural supplement for dogs
Top-quality Swiss collagen extracted from the skin of ocean fish. Easily digestible preparation containing polyamino acids, oligopeptides, collagen polypeptides and as many as 18 amino acids (including significant levels of proline and lysine important for the biosynthesis of own collagen).

Collagen is used in the prevention and treatment of connective tissue diseases, tendons and joints. It improves the appearance of skin, hair and claws. It helps to maintain the proper water management of the body (the body’s connective tissues). THE PRODUCT DOES NOT CONTAIN GMOs


  • For Joint Health: Collagen helps your pet’s cartilage stay strong. It also helps support healthy inflammatory responses  that can help with occasional joint-related discomfort . But, even if your pet’s not experiencing joint pain on a daily basis, Collagen supports your healthy pet when it comes to muscle recovery after physical exercise.
  • For Muscle Health: When your dog exercises, his muscles, tendons, ligaments, and cartilage get stressed. Taking a Collagen supplement helps rebuild them after exertion! It’s naturally found in those features anyhow, so adding even more Collagen, in a bioavailable supplement form, helps him bounce back fast.


Prevention of the movement apparatus
Supports the regeneration of the muscular system
Supports skin and claw regeneration

Application / 24h:

Dogs: 1 measure / 5 kg b.w.

Method of administration: mix with food.

Storage: the product should be stored tightly closed in a dark, dry and cool place, out of the reach of children


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