September 7, 2021
September 7, 2021



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An organic nutritional preparation whose ingredients ensure the proper development of a puppy, supplement deficiencies, and support the development of the osteoarticular system (reducing the risk of ossification disorders). Properly balanced macronutrients (calcium and phosphorus) ensure the harmonious development of the skeletal system, vitamin D3 has an anti-rickets effect. Hydrolysed collagen supports the flexibility of tendons and joints. Saccharomyces cerevisiae yeast has a probiotic and prebiotic effect, improving the functioning of the digestive tract. Ascophyllum nodosum sea algae support the immune system and the formation of a beautiful and shiny coat. Omega acids contained in Antarctic krill contribute to the proper development and functioning of the brain. Thanks to carefully selected ingredients, the preparation complements nutritional deficiencies, comprehensively supporting the development and growth of a young organism. JuniorOptimal + is recommended for enriching the diet of dogs after they are 2 months old.

Application / 24h:
<5 kg b.w.: 1 g
5-10 kg b.w.: 2 g
10-20 kg b.w.: 3 g
20-30 kg b.w.: 4 g
30 kg b.w. <… 5 g

The attached measuring cup contains 1g of the preparation.


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